Inspection Services

Thorough Inspections Inside and Out

Associated Building Inspections welcomes your attendance during our thorough inspection process, findings, and recommendations.

Our inspection services include:

    • FULL HOME Inspection – Tailored for the buyer or seller.
    • SPOT Inspection – Troubleshooting specific concerns where a full inspection is not necessary. Certain building investigations may require access to all levels of the home or condo common areas, including attics, crawlspaces, and roof.
    • STAGE Inspections – for homes under construction at various stages from foundation to final.
  • PRE-OCCUPANCY Inspection – before closing of newly built or renovated home. The warranty lists are designed as a quick reference for the owner, builder, and trade contractors. This helps to minimize missing items of concern and repeat appointments. Missed items or appointments typically leads to added service days for the owner.
  • NEW HOME WARRANTY one year inspection
  • PRE-SALE or pre-renovation inspection. Current owner receives a repairs list custom to their home.
  • RENOVATION Inspection – Phase or Troubleshooting Inspection.

What Will a Home Inspector Check?

A home inspector is concerned with the safety, conditions, and structure of your home. The home inspection is a non-invasive and non-destructive procedure. During the entire process, visible and accessible elements of the home are inspected, including: roof, exterior, structure, foundation, insulation, ventilation, heating & cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, interior, garage.

What is involved in a home inspection?

An Associated inspection includes the following:

  • Observe and report ‘tell-tale’ signs of poor & good conditions
  • Perform thermal scans
  • Test to verify findings or anomalies
  • Describe the components
  • List safety precautions
  • List issues/deficiencies in need of repair
  • Provide answers regarding conditions and maintenance during the inspection.

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